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18 July 2003

If there is any error or contradiction in the following, please assist the author's desire to correct it, but you might wisely first ask several questions of your conclusion, because the author did.


The Original Contradiction


Several decades ago a private individual started with nothing, worked very hard, was extremely frugal, made many sacrifices, and thought into the future. Among other efforts, he bought a scrubby piece of rocky land next to the Yakima City dump in a marginal area of low land values. He often described that land decades in the future, while others could not understand his vision.

Much hard labor went into that land. Time passed. Things changed. Now the potential of the property is obvious to those with less vision.

So the Yakima City Council members, perhaps insatiably greedy to the core of their souls, in their official government capacities, as is common for normally corrupted government sorts holding petty power, crave the land. They want it for the City, perhaps so the Council members could say to the voters: "See what we have given you. We are therefore generous. You should respect us, praise us, and vote for us again."

In America and other reasoning societies, we have developed the system to logically facilitate such cravings. It is called the private enterprise system. If you want someone else's property, you can buy it. Therein you trade the value of your efforts for the value of his efforts. Is that not both fair and wise? We even gave government an advantage. They can lawfully condemn the property for a proven public necessity, and pay the fair market value, in case a property owner does not want to sell the land for the public purpose. Is that not fair and wise for public necessities?

Because the Yakima City Council members obviously craved the land, the owner in this case offered the land to the City at an impartially appraised value, so no costly condemnation process would be required. But the Council members did not want to pay for it. They typically wanted to use raw government power to seize the land, or first damage its value, as usual for power-damaged minds. The insatiable greed of government personnel is created by their petty power, as all examples prove throughout human history.

Common-sense people acquire that which they can afford, from what they earn by honest work. In contrast, routinely corrupted government personnel look beyond what they can afford, and seize it with raw power of government, then use that thus greater power to seize more. Power is insatiable, by design.

The type of government officials who use raw power of office to seize whatever they want, commonly chase away investors and other such intelligent people. Such government officials are the primary reason that areas of otherwise capable people become economically depressed, and remain so. Would you or any other intelligent person invest any more than an existence level of money and labor where the government leaders will lie, cheat and steal, to seize the fruits of your labor if you work hard enough to excel? Well? What is your answer? What is the obvious answer among other investors and intelligent people?

Who would invest or have any incentive to work hard in Yakima Washington, after the Mayor stated on record that the Council changes the rules to punish those who obeyed the rules, and another Council member stated on record that the Council rules by legislative fiat (therefore above the laws protecting the rights of the citizens), and then the Council not only did precisely that, but did so with the malicious actions of an expensive tax paid lawyer and pocket court judges, to damage a citizen who sought to graciously assist the government and the people of Yakima? Well? What is your answer? What is the obvious answer among other investors and intelligent people?

Small minds in government, who do not respect the hard work and honesty of private citizens, chase honest and intelligent people who work hard, to where they are more welcome. You may identify in this case a government that will lie, cheat and steal to get what it wants, at great damage to their community, by those verified descriptions. Amusingly, the government chaps did not have to do so, as usual, identifying what will happen to your mind if you are so foolish as to become what the Yakima City Council members and their court judges became, before you learn how to resolve the contradictions they created and attempt to sustain.

As long as the people of Yakima are too busy, too lazy, or too ignorant to replace their corrupt local government and court personnel, or as long as they enjoy maliciously attacking the rights of each other, as do ignorant people, the people of Yakima will derive less social benefits than more intelligent people in other areas, who select common-sense government officials who respect the rights of the people. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Liberia and such countries offer more dramatic examples of citizenries who were first too lazy or too ignorant to select honest people for their government, and then as a direct result of condoning the methodical escalation of government power, dared not even attempt to do so, for fear. But the gradient of that phenomenon is well represented in the United States, such as in Yakima Washington where threats of torture are now used to silence the respectful expression of the principles of law that protect the rights of the people, in courts of law, much to the amusement of Iranians and others reading about the United States on the internet. The Yakima City Council and Washington State Court personnel offer a superlative learning vehicle for young Americans, and others.

Like the airline industry and other institutions who spend a lot of obviously misdirected money advertising their rhetorically excellent services, then leave their customers on hold for 20 minutes, on the phone, the Yakima Chamber of Commerce businessmen and such adults who obviously waste money trying to attract economic activity to Yakima, literally cannot comprehend the concepts of this website. What is the result of attracting people to what they then discover is a lie? Your answer? What is the controlling contradiction? Would you not be sufficiently intelligent to first spend your time and money to correct the lie, to thus produce the result that does not require you to spend money advertising what is otherwise a lie? Adults literally cannot figure out the correct answer to that question, as those in Yakima so illuminate.

The Yakima City Council members wanted to get something for nothing. They wanted to seize the land by use of raw power, with no detrimental consequences to them, and then be praised and respected for giving the people something for nothing, identical to the cravings in the mind of the more dramatic Saddam Hussein, and everyone else whose mind functions with the concept of power rather than the concept of reasoning.

No human will ever successfully get something for nothing, or successfully give something for nothing. If you have not learned that fundamental law of nature, stay awake in your next grade school science class. No manifested concept can evade that law of nature. You may ask any questions you can devise, and the accurate, verifiable answers will again prove that law of nature.

But government minds remain clueless of that concept, because they flee the reasoning-based questions that would verifiably disprove their power-based conclusions, within a reasoning-based species. The minds of government chaps make decisions based exclusively on the concept of raw power, at the exclusion of the concept of impartial reasoning, for a reason you need to learn. The government chaps trained their minds to believe that they can get something for nothing, in defiance of the design of the human phenomenon, and rob, imprison or kill anyone who objects, and they remain clueless of the cost in the latter phrase.

You are human. Humans are of their mind, not their muscles or guns. If you think not, how did you derive your conclusion?


Among the initial ploys of the Yakima City Council members, was their action to zone the property they wanted to seize, into a contradiction with its lawfully established use, leaving the use in violation of the law and therefore at jeopardy of immediate economic shut-down by simple enforcement of the law. Are laws not designed and required to be enforced? Would you not contradict yourself if you made a law that you allowed to be violated? The zoning was not even remotely logical for that area.

Now start thinking and asking questions. The zoning contradiction was not the first of several laughable ploys illuminating the entrenched corruption of adult minds in the Yakima City government. That corruption is at play throughout the entire City government staff who do not effectively question their glaring contradictions. But the zoning example is a good starting contradiction for the learning vehicle of this website. And it would have been easily resolved at no cost, to thus solve all that followed.

Remember throughout this case, the Yakima City Council members created an initial contradiction by intentionally and needlessly zoning a piece of property out of conformance to its lawfully established use. The only contradiction created by the long established and ongoing use of the land, was created by the City Council members willfully zoning the use out of conformance with the law.

The land owner and surrounding property owners were not asking for a zoning change. It was obviously illogical for the area. Only the City Council members and their rich cronies living far from the land wanted to damage its value by zoning it into the amusingly illogical use that contradicted its lawfully established and logical use. Only they created the contradiction.


What is the logical resolution to the contradiction created by zoning a piece of property out of conformance with its lawfully established use?

Before you read the following, answer the question to train your mind with that skill. Write your answer. All of the Yakima City Council members and many highly titled adults are not sufficiently intelligent to answer that simple question. It is not important that your first answer may be wrong. You need not reveal it to anyone before you read the following. You must start an actual questioning process. If you encounter any information that creates a contradiction with your answer, simply ask the next question to resolve that contradiction. Adults do not do that because they foolishly trained their ego-based mind to believe that their first answer to anything cannot possibly be wrong.


The logical resolution would have been to not zone the land out of conformance with its established use, since there was no need or local request to do so, or to instead promptly rezone it back to its lawfully established use upon recognizing the mistake, or to instead buy the land, or to purchase the value damaged by changing the zoning that required a very costly change-over to an illogical new use, or simply not crave ownership of someone else's land for such petty ego gratification among egotistically vulnerable Yakima City Council members.

If you want to do something that requires land, go find some land that is for sale. If you think that only one piece of land will do for your idea, you are not intelligent. A good idea that requires you to force other people is not a good idea, least the other human minds of inherently equal design would recognize it from your sound reasoning. Ideas that require other people to be forced are utopian idea and the source for all wrongs.


The magnificence of this particular learning vehicle for national and international attention to reveal the nature of Yakima Washington, and American adults, and to advance your reasoning ability, is superlative. During the involved public controversy, the Mayor of Yakima, in a video recorded public hearing, stated that the Council members change the rules to punish those who obeyed the rules. That is precisely what they then did, and no Council member objected to the action or the admission of their crime. A Council member also stated on video record at the same meeting, that the Council members rule by legislative fiat (therefore not limited by any higher law) to change zonings to place people out of conformance with the zoning law. That is precisely what they then did, and no Council member objected to that action or admission of their crime. Fraud is the least of the illuminated crimes. The property owner promptly acquired a copy of the public video recording, much to his amusement.

If dees Yakima City Council guys aint da dumbest criminals on da block, I dunno what a dumb criminal am.

A power-damaged mind can get so dumb that it can look into the video camera for public record, and state its criminal intent, then carry out the criminal action in front of the same camera. If you cannot ask and answer the questions to preclude that action, you are already hopeless, and will be forever as dumb as adults.


What is the resolution of the contradiction created by changing the rules to punish those who obeyed the rules?


The resolution of the openly admitted contradiction would be to not change the rules, or to formally identify and exempt from the new rules the people who already established their actions under the old rules, or to pay the value of each identified damage caused by changing the rules, or to just not hate the other guy so much that you want to punish him for doing what you required him to do.

Otherwise seemingly normal adults whose minds are altered by the effects of the titles of Yakima City Council members literally cannot understand the above simple resolution of their contradiction, even if you showed it to them and handed them a dictionary, as their actions prove. Do not become that flat stupid.

Would anyone but gullible and genuinely dumb adults live in a society where their inherently greedy government leaders could lawfully change the rules to punish and damage the people who obeyed the previous rules made by the same government leaders?

Practice answering that question. Write your answer and sign it. Not one Yakima City Council member can answer that question in public, literally. And therefore, they cannot answer the questions that resolve more complex contradictions that they therefore routinely create with such abject intellectual inability.

My name is DougBuchanan.com. You may quote me, and can verify that I wrote this, by asking me. No one but gullible and genuinely dumb adults live in a society where their inherently greedy government leaders could lawfully change the rules to punish and damage the people who obeyed the previous rules made by the same government.

A later section more thoroughly illuminates the people of Yakima, whose leaders openly display their contempt for the law and the people, at obvious damage to the people, and the Yakima people keep re-electing them, much to the amusement of observers. Some geographical areas seem to attract more gullible people, resulting in the common jokes told about such people. The wise people raised in the Ozarks can rightfully discuss the folks of Yakima.


What is the resolution to the contradiction created by ruling the people by legislative fiat in an established constitutional government? Write your answer, if you wish to learn inordinately valuable knowledge that adults will never learn.


The resolution to the contradiction of identifiably ruling the people by legislative fiat in an established constitutional government, is to identifiably stop ruling by legislative fiat, to thus obey the constitution, or to institute a new form of government wherein there are no constitutional protections of rights, and fully inform the people that the legislators they elect hold the raw power of kings without any limits in law.

The latter is not an unusual form of government. It is variously described as a civil or statute law jurisdiction, a pure democracy, a council dictatorship, and other descriptions. It has no constitution or other superior law which limits the power of the elected officials. Under such a form of government, if the majority of elected officials do not like the Catholics, private land owners, Hispanics or Yakima Indians, the officials can write a law to run them out of the country, and there is no lawful recourse. That is not the form of government in the US, which has a constitutional and common law form of government. The US Constitution is a common law document which limits the authority of the government, to therefore protect the rights of the people, with a superior written law.

From your prior ill training by adults, if not too extensive and thus not destroying your mind's ability to understand what you are reading, your mind may be blaming the aforementioned contradictions on the other guy, those idiot Yakima City Council members. Thus your mind may be seeking the process to successfully force them to correct their obvious wrongs, that is, resolve their contradictions. That knowledge will never be accessible to your mind, just like it is not accessible to the leaders of citizen rights organizations and government entities, if you do not first learn the fundamental resolutions of fundamental or controlling contradictions, identified above and below.

Your mind will not learn step 3 for resolving contradictions, without first learning steps 1 and 2. Adults who never learned steps 1 through 16, or lost their mind's access to that knowledge because of the damage that power does to the human mind, believe they can learn step 17 because they lived long enough to be socially defined as adults. They are idiots, as their actions prove.

Write the above resolution of that contradiction. Your goal is to train your mind to identify and resolve simple contradictions, so your mind can learn how to identify and resolve increasingly complex contradictions. Yakima City Council members are categorically clueless of the meaning of the above words. To them, the exercise of raw legislative fiat in a constitutional government is not an identifiable contradiction, and therefore they could not understand a resolution if you showed them the above words and handed them a dictionary. Do not let that happen to your otherwise highly useful mind.

Because the property owner was knowledgeable of the common law, in part from understanding the relationship between hard work and its benefits, and between attempting to cheat people and its detriments, the Yakima City Council members failed in their initial scheme to first damage the value of the property and then seize it.

The Council members were openly caught with their actions. Dated record was elsewhere written for future use as evidence of the knowing and thus criminal intent of those fine government chaps. Power is insatiable, by design, and therefore the Yakima City Council members are more predictable than sunrise. Their power-damaged minds will become progressively more lawless and malicious, as this case proved and continues to prove. Wrongs that are rewarded, such as those of the Yakima City Council members, inherently escalate. Therefore a wise person creates written record to ultimately prove each itemized, willful evasion of known legal duties (crimes) by power-damaged minds in government.

When power-damaged minds inherently refuse to resolve each damaging contradiction they create, simply create record of it, inform them, and be patient. The resolution of any contradiction or series of contradictions is inevitable, by design. You must be able to write the identification of the contradiction, the question that resolves it, and the resolution. Learn that easy skill, and utilize that skill. There is more to the puzzle of knowledge to make the process efficient, and you will learn that if you start the process of asking progressing questions, and are easily tenacious.

The Yakima City Council members, such as John Puccinelli, Mary Place and their lot, hold the minds of adults who had obviously never learned how to identify and resolve contradictions, during their schooling years. Perhaps they illuminate again the horrible failure of American schools. And these illogically thinking sorts write contradicting laws, called ordinances, which they require gullible Yakima people to obey. It is not possible to obey a contradiction, by definition, and John will forever remain clueless even if you show him these words and sit him down in a grade school science class. Do not let your mind end up like those of John and Mary.

Caught with the crime of willfully zoning property out of compliance with the law, thus creating the crime, with power of office and color of law, and just plain too dumb to simply resolve the contradiction, the Council members were embarrassed into fabricating a separate law that lawfully allowed the violation of the other law if the property met certain criteria such as having maintained a lawfully established use under the previous zoning and a gaggle of other criteria written into the law by legislative fiat. Rather than easily resolve the contradiction, they attempted to mask it with another contradiction. The Council members then obscured the separate law in the fine print on the back room law books, because it illuminated and embarrassed the scam they were attempting with the primary law on the books they showed to the public. They thus created another contradiction by holding an openly advertised law, and a functionally hidden contradicting law.

You will never successfully resolve a contradiction with another contradiction, and be left without an unresolved contradiction. Write that on the chalk board one hundred times, or simply ask the questions that easily verify the concept in your mind to make it useful to your subsequent thinking process. More questions illuminate the yet vastly greater and costly contradictions you create by attempting to resolve an original contradiction with another contradiction.

The minds of Council members Clarence C. Barnett, Bernard J. Sims and their ilk of adults literally cannot recognize the above concepts. The rest of their lives they will apparently continue attempting to resolve contradictions with contradictions, and remain confused by why they are continually faced with frustrating and costly contradictions that they keep blaming on the other guy. Do not let that happen to your mind.


So the property was zoned for two different, dramatically contradicting uses, one advertised on the City zoning maps for people to see, and one hidden in the fine print of the back room set of ordinance books. Among the many common descriptions of such a scam is, false advertising, deception with intent to damage, fraud, etcetera. If anyone wanted to buy the property, they would see the zoning map and recognize that the logical use of the property was unlawful, and the zoned use was not economically logical, and thus be inclined to not buy the property, creating an easily identified damage to the owner, especially since the land was for sale.

The Council members, enamored with revealing their crimes on record, also stated on public record that they knew that insurance and lending institutions avoided property whose current or logical use was out of conformance with its zoning. That further contradiction constituted a known damage identified on record. The Council members made themselves legally liable for that damage, under criminal law rather than just civil law, by stating on record that they knew of the damage they therefore intended to impose upon the property owner.


What is the resolution to the contradiction of imposing two contradicting zonings for property, one advertised and one obscured? What is your mind's reasoning ability?


Either rezone the property for its lawfully established use, or place on the City zoning maps both contradicting zoning classifications for all property thus contradicted, with the full explanation giving each zoning full force and effect of law, or buy the property, or pay the owner for the identified damages of holding the property under advertised zoning that is out of conformance with its lawfully established use.

What is the reasoning ability of the minds of Yakima City Council members Larry Mattson, Paul George and their colleagues? They are holding the property under a contradicted zoning which therefore created what you will see on other pages of this website as a hugely damaging mess, costing the taxpayers a fortune and illuminating the results of such intellectually void government officials, including State Supreme Court Justices who never learned, or lost the intellectual ability, to resolve even the simplest grade school level contradictions.

The Yakima City Council members genuinely believed that their hidden law exempting the non conforming use from the openly published zoning law, solved the problem. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at adults with titles of office or position, you are missing the only show they know how to stage.

Damages of retained contradictions:

The many far-reaching damages not discussed at this website, for brevity, include the gullible Yakima adults who foolishly believe rather than severely question their inherently corrupted government officials. Those Yakima residents are commonly confused and frustrated with what they see as someone seemingly able to violate the published zoning laws while everyone else must obey them. From the open information they can easily conclude that the property owner is probably paying-off the Yakima City government dolts who are apparently, from the example, on the take (bribes), or some such contradicted resolution to the contradiction. The Yakima residents therefore get angry with the wrong person, such as the property owner, therefore creating more contradictions that compound themselves into extensively damaging social discord, class prejudice and disrespect for the law. All that happens because mental midget government adults needlessly fabricate ludicrously minor original contradictions for petty ego gratification, and adamantly refuse to resolve the contradictions.

When the young people in Yakima hear their parents talking about this and similar controversial issues, saturated with easily resolved contradictions that the adult government dolts refuse to resolve, the young people rightfully learn to not respect the law or the government. Then the idiot adults who never learned how to resolve grade school level contradictions cannot figure out why young people increasingly and rightfully do not respect the law and government. Do not let your mind end up like the idiot adults.

Notice that no harm is done and no cost is created by resolving the original contradiction by simply zoning the property in conformance with its lawfully established use, to thus conform the paperwork local zoning law to the superior law that allows the lawfully established, ongoing land use that is logical for the land and is creating no damages.

But the power-damaged minds of the City Council members are enraged, angered or confused by even the suggestion that their power of office and thus personal ego is limited by any superior law. They could not identify a constitution or prevailing law if you handed those lawmakers one, along with a dictionary. That is the nature of the damage which power does to the human mind. Do not let that happen to your mind, least it ends up like that of Council members Clarence C. Barnett, Larry Mattson and their ilk.

Their mess is costing, and will continue to cost, the taxpayers a fortune for the petty personal ego gratification of those Council members. While the phenomenon is more obvious with the Wag The Dog Wars created by George Bush, his recent predecessors and ever other war monger in human history, the concept is fundamentally identical in the Yakima City Council members, court judges and every power-damaged mind, no matter who falls victim to power. Learn how to avoid that profound damage to your thinking ability, by learning how to resolve each simple contradiction the moment it is identified in words.

And then the Yakima City Council members stepped into what they produced, on cue...


The Results

Judge Heather Van Nuys

Judge Robert Hackett

The Jury

Justice Gerry Alexander

Justice Mary Fairhurst

Justice Barbara Madsen

Justice Sandra O'Connor



The other court sorts, to be added later.