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20 December 2003

If there is any error or contradiction in the following, please assist the author's desire to correct it, but you might wisely first ask several questions of your conclusion, because the author did.


Barbara A. Madsen, Justice, Washington State Supreme Court


This example is how justice Barbara Madsen represents her intellectual inability on public record, as a public official.

The Court is the Court. Court judges often refer to the Court. It is a straw man they created, a name to imply something greater and separate from themselves. They use it in several, often contradicting ways, most often to dodge accountability for their routinely idiot decisions created in the name of the Court. They blame the decisions on the Court, not themselves. But for its power, they claim to represent the Court. It is the same with all institutions and the small minds which need an institutional straw man to create the illusion power to impose dumb and damaging decisions on people fooled by the institution, and to dodge accountability for those dumb decisions.

A commonly wise person needs no institution, because he can represent himself as he is, his wisdom can be illuminated with his words in his name, and its effect created by asking effective questions in an effective manner, and he seeks to force his decisions on no one, because there is never need for initial force when common sense reasoning is so readily available.

The wise person does not interfere with the decisions of other inherently equal humans, and learns diverse knowledge from their actions, while government drones are incessantly intolerant of human diversity, and seek to force the vast array of human potential down into the narrow rut of mental midget government drones stagnated in the ancient craving of power over humans.

Fools are dependent upon institutions. Court judges are the greatest fools for claiming positions of purported reasoning, while not only being dependent upon an institution to evade accountability for their reasoning, or its absence, but so horribly corrupting that institution that even children recognize American courts as far more damaging that street thugs. American courts have imprisoned more people than any other nation has imprisoned, and approximately half those people damaged no persons or public policy. They violated no prevailing laws. They are victims of the largest organized crime syndicate in the world, the American police, prosecutor and court judge gang creating their power and their funding excuses by fabricating an unknowable myriad of inferior case laws used to imprison victims of their ignorance, much to the amusement of observers.

When the American system of court injustice soon enough collapses itself, it will be the world's example of the nadir of human reasoning process.

Barbara Madsen is a member of Department II of the Washington State Supreme Court. What other departments, bureaus, sections, divisions and such institutional groupings that Court has developed for its varied ruses, is anyone's guess.

As a Department II member, Justice Barbara considered the case of the property owner represented by this website, and is on record for her decision.

The contradictions piled on top of contradictions piled on top of more contradictions which court judges have institutionalized to advance their raw power above human reasoning and the prevailing laws, are so many that any one case produces any number of them to be ascribed in whole or separately to each court judge imposing those inherently untenable contradictions, rather than resolving them.

In formally denying all motions of the property owner, on record, without any expressed or ascertainable reasoning, Justice Barbara sustained the Washington Appellate Court ruling that the property owner is not allowed to even have his case presented to the Washington State Supreme Court Kings because the property owner's counsel is not a lawyer, and the property owner cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is a person with a lawyer's license, thus having been successfully made ignorant of the law by law school, and having easily passed a government lawyer test to get the lawyer license.

What is a license?

It is a certificate of permission to perform a job or action identified by the license. The permission is granted or denied by the entity which fooled ignorant humans into believing that they must get another human's permission to do what humans can obviously do without the permission. It is a ruse that fools fools. Who gave the first person permission to give the subsequent people permission, with what knowledge that any other person could learn to thus need no permission to do what the first person did to give that first person permission? If you are not laughing at how easily idiot humans fool gullible humans who do not ask questions, you are missing the only show they know how to stage.

Anyone can be counsel for a person in any court, for pay or otherwise, under the common law, the law that prevails above all the inferior laws. Right to counsel of choice is absolute, by definition, least the counsel would not represent the person not choosing the counsel, and would represent the person choosing the counsel. You cannot be represented by someone else's choice of counsel, because he would represent that person, by definition of who makes the choice and thus to whom counsel is beholding. Such irrefutable reasoning is that upon which the common law was created and written by wise people capable of, and sufficiently patient to perform, such fundamental human reasoning process.

There are no Washington State Court judges capable of such common sense human reasoning that any Washington farmer can express, for the reason illuminated in the simple process of corruption of power in any human mind so ignorant or unfortunate as to have accepted power while ignorant of its effect. Court judges and other lawyers are clueless of the prevailing law. Law schools will teach no reasoning ability that illuminates the common law, and successfully destroy reasoning ability, because reasoning ability destroys the ruse upon which so many lawyers and law schools are dependent for their lucrative scam.

But only a person with lawyer's license can claim to be a lawyer, as described in the law creating the lawyer's license. The word, lawyer, was reserved by law for a licensed lawyer. The lawyers/judges wrote the laws creating the lawyer's license, and the inferior laws (ruses fooling ignorant people) requiring a lawyer's license to present a case to the Supreme Court Kings.

The lawyer has been granted permission by court judges to act as a lawyer. Only a lawyer may present a case to the Washington State Supreme Court Kings, by proof of the public record case presented in this website, unless the court judges have defrauded the property owner of counsel of choice, if you can imagine such a dastardly act by such highly titled and respected pillars of the American judicial system.

Therefore the appellate level court judges, such as Barbara Madsen, have created another contradicting straw man, as a rhetorical ruse, to refuse to perform their tax paid duty to review court cases clearly saturated with gross contradictions to the law and violations of law perpetrated by fellow corrupted government and court officers.

They grant or deny permission to be separately granted or denied permission under a different ruse, to present a case that must by law have its court-created contradictions resolved. And then they reference only one of the permission processes as though it is beyond their authority because they claim to be dependent upon the other permission process, and genuinely believe that the public cannot recognize that they are the source of both contradictions to their fundamental duty to perform their tax paid job without any prevailing law authority to evade their duty under any ruse. They genuinely fool their midget minds with their illusion, and genuinely believe they are fooling all of the people all of the time.

Barbara and her intellectually void ilk created the process to claim an illusion to refuse to do their work for which they are paid and therefore hold a duty under the prevailing law, to perform, and they fool fools, first themselves.

Cushy job, huh? Write your own authority to refuse to perform your job, and keep getting paid a king's salary because the tax payers are fooled by the illusion of the authority you wrote. Every common laborer throughout human history has dreamed of the ability to come up that such a scam, and expressed some of them while leaning on a shovel in a ditch on a gravel oil field pad on the North Slope of Alaska. I can describe some of them. We laughed ourselves to tears, and then shoveled gravel fast when the foreman came over find out what was going on.

How long can an institution last after its personnel devise and use raw power of institutional titles to impose their own scam to successfully refuse to do their job amid a therefore increasing demand and social imperative that the job be done?

The time interval does not matter to any intelligent person. The result is a foregone conclusion, and in the interval the Barbara Madsen's only identify their intellectual void by suggesting they will never be subject to accountability or the inherent consequences for their childish scam.

Did Barbara pass the knowledge of her professional scam onto her offspring and subordinates, fooling them into believing that it can forever prevail, or are they sufficiently intelligent to recognize that such contradictions are the inherently doomed forte of ignorant fools? The question has an observable answer.

Barbara's emotion-based response to these words of fundamental and verifiable truth, if she stumbles upon this website, will only sooner illuminate the truth of these words, because a power-damaged mind no longer holds the ability effect impartial reasoning, like that of her institutional colleagues, least power could not be advanced after its damages are made obvious.

The author of these words seeks to identify and correct any contradiction they may create, because the author holds no title or power that must be protected against absolute reasoning and truth, and no contradiction is sustainable or useful to the human mind.

Pity Barbara Madsen and her court ilk, if you can stop laughing long enough to do so. And pity the idiots who display respect for them, to thus display their own inability to identify such obvious contradictions. Barbara's mind will not figure it out, even if she reads these words, least she would have already done so upon one of the many similar cases preceding the case referenced on this website, that advanced her professional scam to its expression at this case.

YOUR goal is to figure it out to such an extent that your mind will immediately recognize every such human-created contradiction, by asking effective questions, and be amused by the people around you who display their ignorance by displaying respect for any power-damaged mind fooling fools with such childish illusions.

This case will continue through the administrative process to identify the thinking ability of the entire American court system, if the next higher court judges do not immediately figure it out, and thus all American court judges, and then perhaps all the executive and legislative branch personnel of the American government, for your and the world's entertainment.


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