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18 July 2003

If there is any error or contradiction in the following, please assist the author's desire to correct it, but you might wisely first ask several questions of your conclusion, because the author did.


The First Results


Your goal, if you wish, is to learn how to resolve simple contradictions, so that you can learn how to resolve progressively more complex contradictions.

The public record actions of the supposedly educated, highly titled and highly credentialed adults exampled at this website are clueless of that simple knowledge. They will eventually die of old age still confused, frustrated and ignorant of how to resolve the simple contradictions identified at this website, as their actions prove, much to your great mirth if you easily train your mind to not become as stupid as are they.

The Sewer Backed-up Again

This is how the City Council members stepped into what they produced, as usual.

Rightfully laugh. The Yakima City sewer backed up again, as usual, on the property in question. The old sewage system just plain needed upgrading. You will never choose how your contradictions will catch up with you, by design of contradictions that you left in place. To avoid the embarrassment and damages, simply resolve the contradictions when they are identified, before you act.

So the City Council chaps decided to upgrade the wastewater lift station on an easement at the corner of the wrongfully zoned property. To do that they wanted a few more feet of the property, and to purchase it.

At this website you will notice, and wisely question, a myriad of contradictions surrounding the few contradictions highlighted for the educational value of the example. The extent of self-compounding contradictions created by the ego-dependent, power-damaged minds of adults in your government at every level is highly amusing. That none of the entrenched contradictions are resolved when they are routinely illuminated reveals the importance of your learning what idiot adults in government never learn.


First the City chaps admitted on record that the property they wanted for the sewage lift station upgrade was not necessary, and to use it would probably increase the taxpayer costs because an adjacent freeway underpass would likely be enlarged at some time to thus require again moving the new lift station to a nearby place (available), where it could be built in the first place. The admission was logical since it was so apparent to any observer.

Next the apparently blind and incompetent City chaps were shown the adjacent State public property classified for public utility, open and available at no tax cost, and the more logical position for the small new control box for the improved wastewater lift station.


What is the resolution to the contradiction created by building the lift station where it would likely have to be moved again at a thus increased taxpayer cost?


Build the lift station where a far-sighted person would build it to thus utilize identified hindsight as foresight, and thus demonstrate one's common sense intelligence rather than demonstrate oneself as a Yakima government sort.


What is the resolution to the contradiction created by not building the small lift station improvement on an adjacent spot of land already owned by the public and thus requiring no tax expense to buy private property?


Build it on the public land, that is, unless when asking the State government for permission to do so, the State bureaucrat laughed at you for building it where you would just have to move it again, thus returning you to your prior question and resolution.

If the State government bureaucrat simply refused to grant permission, for the same petty ego-gratification of raw power displayed by the Yakima City Council members, the reader of these words therefore learns more about the damage that petty power does to petty minds, while the City Council members will forever remain clueless. If the Council members are ignorant of how to cause a recalcitrant State agency to not evade its known legal duty to the people, and the Council members are that ignorant, it would be because they trained their own minds to evade rather than meet their own known legal duties to the people, and thus knew no resolution to that contradiction.

Because they are that ignorant, and refuse to learn new knowledge which might jeopardize their illusions of their own petty power, Yakima City Council members Mary Place, Bernard J. Sims and their colleagues will always be the problem in regard to their official capacities, and never the solution, the rest of their lives. Whatever social and economic advancement happens in Yakima, if any, will be achieved by unwise, poorly educated residents too trapped in their plight to go where their efforts are more welcome, despite the debilitating local government, at a financial burden increased by the government. Pity such people trapped by being too lazy to elect officials who even know how to obey the law.

If any other contradiction is illuminated in the above resolutions, such as any excuses that the ignorant City chaps might attempt, they can be resolved individually, or by a controlling resolution such as illuminated below. Your goal is to first learn how to resolve simple, individual contradictions, and then resolve more complex contradictions by identifying a resolution that resolves several contradictions, then an increasing number of contradictions, to the eventual extent of a controlling resolution that resolves every excuse that lesser minds might attempt. Be patient or end up stupid. If you learn the proverbial steps 1 - 16, you can learn step 17. You will then know what the most highly titled adults will never learn, for a reason they can never learn, much to your robust laughter. It is knowledge of value beyond your current recognition.

The few feet of requested property were not important to the owner, and not suitable for any priority use. So after discussion of the alternatives, the owner promptly offered to sell the small spot of property to the City for the City's first offer of money, a mid range of the impartially appraised value, if the City Council members merely agreed to obey the law. The latter request was obviously germane since the Council members had already identified on record their intent and process to violate the law at whim, under legislative fiat, to intentionally damage the property owner who obeyed the rules. The request to agree to obey the law is the most easily and cheaply accommodated request for any law-abiding person. Who fears the law? Actually write the answer, for its benefit to your mind.

Notice that a greedy person or typical lawyer would immediately suggest that the property owner could easily extract more money from the City and thus the Yakima taxpayers, by simply objecting to the first offer, and yet more money gained by threatening an expensive condemnation court process. Instead, the land owner demonstrated himself to be what every honest City government (none exist) and hard working taxpayer would dearly appreciate, by graciously accepting the first offer of an average price.

And therefore the six named Yakima City Council members, and therefore the Yakima residents, maliciously attacked and damaged the property owner, much to his amusement.

This amusing case proves why any intelligent person, including young people in Yakima, will not invest their money or effort in Yakima. No good deed goes unpunished by the government in Yakima Washington. The intelligent young residents will leave, and other common sense people will not come. Wise investors would laugh at the suggestion of investing in Yakima. The history of humans illuminates the ancient proverb: The bad chases away the good.

Remember that proverb. Invest where you are welcome, and your investment will grow for the benefit of yourself and society. Do not invest where you will be attacked by the bad.

Yakima is an ideal place for people who want to steal from each other to get something for nothing, and attack those who work hard, as Yakima government teaches the residents by its actions, much to your amusement. No words can hide what the government and people of Yakima have ascribed to indelible record. No human will escape the consequences of their actions.

After agreeing to sell the property to the City for the City's first price, if the Council members simply agreed to obey the law, and even going so far as to not request the latter if the City could offer any sound reasoning for not doing so, thus creating no contradiction and leaving the City Council members exclusively with their own contradictions, the next thing the property owner heard was that he was being summoned before court for a costly condemnation process, much to his amusement.

Those six Council members, contemptuous of the tax money they incessantly squander on lawyers, an attribute for which they have become well known in Washington, evaded their known legal duty to the administrative process for which they are paid, and unlawfully foisted their Yakima City duties onto the Washington State courts, creating a damage to the property owner and the Washington taxpayers.

The property owner held no benefit in a court process because he was not asking for more money and not seeking to deny the City acquisition of the property. The court case was pure maliciousness and intent to damage by the City Council members.

It was their apparent intent to intimidate the property owner like they intimidate all the other gullible, unquestioning, apparently poorly educated Yakima adults who never learned how to question the corrupt actions of government. The Council members had prior been rewarded for their increasing wrongs, and expected to be rewarded again.

Oops. The property owner was the wrong choice of people to attempt to criminally intimidate.

Council members John Puccinelli, Clarence C. Barnett and their pitiable colleagues stepped into what they produced, for your high quality entertainment and learning opportunity.

The Council members are paid by tax money, creating a legal duty to administer City processes, which may not be lawfully evaded. They may administer their duties personally or through their staff, including their expensive, tax-squandering lawyers. The courts are a separate branch of government which may be utilized when a contradiction to the law or its process is identified. Because courts are costly in time and money, and thus damaging, they may not be lawfully utilized for malicious or frivolous purpose, or to evade a duty.


The City did not respond to the property owner's expressed agreement to sell the property, before initiating a malicious and costly court process to achieve what was already available.


What is the resolution to the contradiction of initiating a costly State court process before concluding an inexpensive City administrative process?

If you do not ask the right question, you will not find the right answer, especially if you ask no questions at all. Notice that adult government dolts will never ask the very simple type of questions you see herein. Ask questions. If you have an opportunity to either ask a question or make a statement, wisely ask the question. Learn the full extent of what questions do within your mind. They cause your mind to start thinking, while statements cause your mind to stop thinking. If you are thinking, you are advancing your knowledge, easily beyond the adults who stopped thinking the moment they acquired any title that caused them to foolishly believe that they therefore already know the knowledge implied by the rhetorical illusion of the title, such as City Council member, Court judge, lawyer, adult, etcetera.


Finish the inexpensive administration process, for which you are paid, before you start the expensive court process, for reason in logic, respect for the taxpayers, respect for the courts, avoidance of committing a crime, and to avoid illuminating yourself on indelible public record, including this website, as an abject idiot.

The six named Yakima City Council members, Bernard J. Sims, Paul George and their pitiable colleagues were later described by their lawyer as miffed by being asked to obey the law, despite the request being made legally and logically prudent if not imperative by Yakima City Mayor John Puccinelli stating into the video camera that the Council changes the rules to punish those who obey the rules, and another Council member, Clarence C. Barnett, stating that the Council rules by legislative fiat, and then carrying out of those violations of the law to damage the property owner.

How dare mere peasants ask the highly self-esteemed Yakima City government kings to obey the law. I trust you are as amused as is the property owner. Identify a person who is categorically dependent upon his ego, and you can give him all the proverbial rope he demands and requests, or make a tar baby for him, and you own the results of his mind, for your idle entertainment. You need only learn how the power-damaged human mind functions, an easy task for those patient enough to read words of this nature, and ask questions to cause one to think. It is the person with no ego to defend above flawless logic or truth, regardless of where truth takes the mind, who can learn the design of the human mind, knowledge of value beyond your current comprehension. Flush your worthless ego. Its effects in your mind will deny you access to knowledge, and embarrass you in front of common sense people. Humbly ask questions rather than boldly make statements. Have I made any error therein?

The property owner gave the Council members the option of expressing sound reasoning for not wishing to agree to obey the law if they did not wish to do so. What is the effect of that offer? Did you answer that question which the adult Council members did not answer? I trust you are as entertained as the property owner. The Council members refused to agree to obey the law, and refused to express any reasoning for their refusal. Their minds genuinely believe that they hold the power of kings, and are answerable to no human reasoning.

The property owner wrote a simple agreement to obey the law, for the City Council members to consider. To demonstrate to the apparently confused Council members, the ease, innocence and inexpensive process to agree to obey the law, the property owner signed that agreement in front of a notary, as his agreement to obey the law. He gave the Council members the agreement so they can hold the property owner to obeying the law. The process, costing nothing, would have resolved the related contradiction, and the power-minds of the Council members would not allow them to do the same.

Who would fear, and not sign, an agreement to obey the law, if not only a criminal with intent to further violate the law?

The residents of Yakima are government by those six Yakima City Council members who therein illuminate their intent to further violate the law. Folks in the Ozarks and Harlem slums can figure out that one, but not Yakima residents, as their voting record proves.

The following is how abjectly stupid your mind will become if you do not learn how to resolve simple contradictions. Their lawyer, Russell Gilbert, later stated for the City Council members that if the Council members agreed to obey the law, they would be admitting to having prior violated the law. If their lawyer speaks, his words are the words of each Council member, by definition of paid legal representation. You cannot lawfully or logically deny the liability after accepting the benefit. The Council members did not fire or object to said representation of their lawyer after being specifically informed of it.

The agreement to obey the law, which contained no admission of having violated the law, an identical copy signed by the property owner who did not knowingly prior violate the law, had already been shown and explained to the lawyer and Council members as nothing more than the more precise description of the standard oath of office to which every public official, including all court, military and police officers, formally swear before they are allowed to serve in those capacities.

It was the explained oath of office. Therefore, those six Yakima City Council members, by their own stated reasoning, not by any actual implication of the agreement they were offered, defined themselves, court judges, military personnel, police and every government officer as admitting to having prior violated the law. They defined the entire governmental system in this nation, including judges, police and military personnel, as hiring only violators of the law, a bunch of criminals, which would explain much. That is how stupid you will display yourself on public record if you end up as an adult before you learn how to resolve glaring contradictions.


A government job requires that you agree to obey the law, but you do not want to agree to obey the law.


What is the resolution to the contradiction of a required or requested agreement that you will obey the law, as a condition for accepting a government job, but you do not want to agree to obey the law.


Do not accept the government job, or agree to obey the law and discard your desire to not agree, or agree to obey the law but openly state for the same public record and often thereafter that you intend to violate your agreement.

It is remarkably easy to resolve every contradiction. If you instead leave any contradiction in place, because you are as fundamentally dishonest and ignorant as typical city council members and other government sorts, you can fool some fools all of the time, and fool all fools some of the time, but then your name will end up on the internet and other forms of public record to identify your intellectual void for longer than you live or are otherwise remembered. No problem. That is just a cost of otherwise lucrative and ego-feeding dishonesty and ignorance. It is the delight of criminal and government minds. You will have much company proving the Neanderthal qualities of yourself and your ilk.

Your mind is worth more to you than that.

In all that we do in life, we only identify our integrity. If you sell yours for so paltry a price as the ego candy derived from a government title inherently ridiculed by common-sense people, your intelligence is respected by unquestioning fools alone, including those who thought they were law-abiding citizens and still foolishly respect you after you define them as criminals. If all you want in life is to be respected by unquestioning dolts, stop reading this website and start flattering government dolts to thus weasel into their ranks the way they did. Anyone can do it.

Law school is a similar easy avenue. You need only believe the absurd contradictions your professors teach you, never effectively question those contradictions, never resolve them, flatter your professors, thus get your government lawyer license, and thus impress easily impressed fools who never question people with cheap titles. Consider the damage a lawyer license will do to your mind, in just one of countless examples. By what itemized process for immediate resolution of the obvious contradiction, prevailing against every question, can over 20,000 current laws that infringe the right to keep and bear arms, exist under a purported supreme law that states in immutably defined words that no such laws shall exist? Well? That is a fun example, and easily resolved after you learn how to resolve simpler contradictions. All the lawyers and judges in this nation, and the high horses they ride, are too abjectly stupid to identify and resolve that ongoing contradiction that every English reading common-sense human in the world can recognize. That is the debilitating damage that law school will do to your mind. Not one lawyer or court judge in this nation, no matter how highly titled or credentialed, because they are, can identify the promptly achievable resolution to the contradiction, against the raw power of government idiots, despite it being so easily done, much to the robust laughter of observers. And not one of the highly titled, highly paid, lavishly praised gun-rights organization leaders knows how to resolve that easily and promptly resolvable contradiction. Do not end up as dumb as adults. Learn how to ask and answer questions. There is a more entertaining example, perhaps offered later.

If you wish to learn how to resolve contradictions, you must actually write the accurate descriptions of many contradictions, starting with simple ones, the resulting questions, and the verifiable answers or resolutions of those questions, for the same reason you must write things in school if you intend your mind to learn them. Imagine going through school only being told what is and is not, and never writing anything. You would graduate as a dunce, not even knowing how to write.

Among the three key arenas of knowledge that no public and thus government schools, or the common private schools will ever teach any student, the controlling arena of knowledge is how to ask effective questions, and thus how to resolve contradictions. If that were taught, the concept of government power among recurrent populations of unquestioning fools would collapse to the concept of human reasoning, and the human phenomenon would exponentially advance. Now laugh at the adults who were never taught how to ask effective questions, who lost their curiosity upon the illusion of adulthood, who were then told that they must actually write the accurate description of many contradictions, the resulting questions, and the verifiable answers or resolutions of those questions to learn how to resolve contradictions. They will write nothing, and be affronted by the suggestion. They believe they already know enough. They make statements rather than ask questions. Either learn what your parents, schools and government refuse to teach you, or end up as dumb as adults perpetuating the social contradictions so obviously damaging your ability to honestly advance in society.

You cannot be lawfully forced to surrender your rights, or be lawfully denied your rights. To be thus forced or denied is a crime. But you can easily be tricked out of your rights by deception that you do not adequately question. If you fail to ask the correct questions at the occurrence of a contradiction, to resolve it in the manner that secures your rights, you can therefore be defined by inherently dishonest government chaps, as acquiescing to either resolution of the contradiction, of the government chap's choice, and thus your willfully surrendering your rights, which is lawful. Such self-serving deceit by the usual government swine is grossly dishonest, but was made lawful by dishonest court judges in this nation, for an intriguing reason explained elsewhere. You obviously recognize the contradiction of using deceit, but the government dolts and other criminal minds do not recognize the contradiction of intentionally deceiving people, by definition of the power-damaged human mind. Your goal is to learn the controlling contradiction of a power-damaged mind, and thus its resolution. It is not what you will guess until you learn how to ask effective questions.

Oh, because I was raised as a farm boy, and studied wildlife biology in college, I know the difference between farmyard swine and government sorts. Therefore I apologize for equating government sorts to swine to thus slight the good character of farmyard swine.

Amusingly, because they do not recognize their own deceit, and could not admit to it if they did, least they would admit their entrenched dishonesty to their offspring, government sorts therefore deceive their own offspring into willfully surrendering their rights to the next malicious government dolts to come along, by not teaching their offspring how to resolve controlling contradictions relating to law. Is there any greater failure of a parent in a society ruled by written law? Time has passed. The offspring who were trained to be ignorant by their parents, are now the clueless adults. That is one of the results of leaving contradictions in place. If your parents are government sorts, or lawyers who therefore hold a government license, they did not just make you stupid by not teaching you how to question their contradictions, they cheated you out of your rights by not informing you of the process that government uses to assume that you willfully and thus lawfully surrendered your rights by not accurately questioning the contradictions in the deceptions government sorts use to deny your rights.

There is nothing more repugnant to the human condition, than one human denying another human his or her rights, by either force or willful deceit. That is what government dolts do to their offspring, much to the howling laughter of observers. It defines the intellectual stagnation of humans. It also identifies part of the reason that lawyers and thus judges, who have therefore defrauded the people out of the protection of the written law itself, and placed the people under the protection of personalities with the judge jobs holding the power of kings, are the most universally hated social sector in the world. You will always be your only enemy, as lawyers and judges best reveal.

The victims of titled government positions know only how to feed their worthless ego, get paper money otherwise honorably derived in more than ample quantities, and make fools of themselves among commonly intelligent people who can identify displayed contradictions. In Yakima, the government rules by legislative fiat in a constitutional law nation, and the mind of Council member Clarence C. Barnett, along with his colleagues, cannot figure out any contradiction even when he states the contradiction on public record and describes the damage they therefore inflict on Yakima residents. And the Yakima adults continue to inflict on their own offspring the extensively damaging results of those six council members and their pocket court judges.

Do not end up as dumb as adults, especially the ones in Yakima. Start writing the obvious contradictions, and start asking questions. When the adults cannot give you an uncontradicted answer, because they never learned how to resolve simple contradictions, write your own answers, and methodically question them to remove any contradictions. What you learn will be worth more than your entire formal schooling taught by titled adults.

So the Yakima City Council members took the case to court, at needless cost to the gullible Yakima taxpayers, where the same type of adults with judge jobs are required by written law to apply the written law rather than their judicial fiat, and therein create no contradiction to the law.

The Washington State Court judges therefore proved, as you will see, that they are less intellectually capable of resolving contradictions in law or life, than the embarrassing Yakima City Council members. They deserve each other, much to your laughter. Court judges are just lawyers who became lawyers by the aforementioned easy process, with its results, and who then supported their cronies in one of the political parties, usually cash donations for political campaigns, to be favorably noticed when a judge job became available for political appointment by an inherently dishonest politician. Then they surrounded the process with the usual high sounding rhetorical illusions that fool only unquestioning fools. Dishonest politicians do not select honest people for a judge job that may later hold power over the politician doing the selecting, least dishonest politicians could not exist.

If it were any other way, it would not be possible for the contradictions illuminated on the subsequent pages of this website to have been created, or sustained more than a minute upon their verifiably accurate description.

Therefore, the property owner already knew that the judges would create contradictions, defined as crimes in written law, from the moment they walked into the court room or showed up for work. If that were an absolute certainty, what would you do after you patiently learned how to identify, question and resolve contradictions, for you entertainment?

The official actions of public officials, on public record, are excellent learning vehicles for curious and thus intelligent minds. The public officials illuminate how real human minds, of the same design as yours, respond to identified stimuli, by design. The controlling commonality of such otherwise diverse humans, is that they hold titled, institutionally defined power. That commonality can be compared with equally diverse humans who hold no titled power. You can therefore learn how to easily resolve the contradictions incessantly created by government sorts, or instead, if you wish, learn how to become nothing more than they are, by rhetorically duplicating their creation and defense of the ludicrous contradictions illuminated within the record.

Your choice is to train your mind to create embarrassing and damaging contradictions, at which intelligent people laugh, or wisely resolve contradictions.


Judge Heather Van Nuys

Judge Robert Hackett

The Jury

Justice Gerry Alexander

Justice Mary Fairhurst

Justice Barbara Madsen

Justice Sandra O'Connor

The Contradiction



The other court sorts, to be added later.