Authored by Doug Buchanan

May 19, 1947 - February 7, 2012

Yakima is a small city in central Washington State.


Mechanisms of government corruption created by seemingly normal human minds.

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Preface - A sincere message to American lawyers, court judges and other court officers:

Consider the value of climbing down off your high horse for awhile. No one is watching. There is more knowledge at ground level.

As can be verified against your every question, you cannot find a person other than myself,, more capable of assisting lawyers and judges to become socially respected people who are useful to society. The controlling reason lawyers and therefore judges are hated more intensively and extensively than any other professional or social subculture in the world, wherever lawyers exist, and increasingly so with each passing day in courts, is identifiable and correctable. Amusingly, not one lawyer or judge can identify that reason or any process to correct it, on their own, or they would immediately surrender their title and job. They cannot even identify how thoroughly they are hated, even by their family, perceived friends, and the people who display perceived respect in public, or lawyers and judges would immediately surrender their title and job. By design of the human mind, a power-damaged mind cannot identify the process of shame, or recognize its own malicious actions that defy reasoning, much to the amusement of the observers.

There is no amount of money or ego gratification sufficient to pay a reasoning person to be as thoroughly hated as lawyers and court judges, for a substantive reason inherent to the design of the human mind.

A certain series of questions can easily expose the universal hatred for lawyers and judges, and the reason for it, even among their own family, colleagues, and seeming friends. A human cannot do what lawyers and judges do under the ruse of what lawyers and judges describe as law, without creating absolute contempt for such a fundamental contradiction to reasoning in a reasoning mind. If your father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister or good friend is a lawyer or judge, you would wisely ask the questions to learn how much they are held in abject contempt by common-sense or commonly intelligent people around the world, and learn what common-sense people may think of you for your association or related benefit. That contempt will only become more intense as time goes by without lawyers correcting their increasing institutional maliciousness and insatiable greed for more power under the rhetorical ruse of law.

The power-damaged minds of lawyers/judges preclude their ability to learn useful knowledge from the plain English words at this website and anywhere else expressing the reasoning which exposes the controlling contradiction of power. But their offspring or other relatives may be able to learn such knowledge, if they retained their mind's ability to question the illusion of authority.

If you are a commonly reasoning, literate person, such as the family, friends or neighbors of lawyers and judges, why would you need another commonly reasoning person with a lawyer or judge job to verbally dictate the written law to you, under the excuse that the other guy (inherently you) is too stupid to understand the written law, and therefore must be told what to do by a person no more versed in the English language? Why do half the lawyers lose any particular case to the other lawyers, and why must appellate courts exist, if not for ignorance of the law among lawyers and judges? Why can common people accurately answer such questions, while lawyers and judges cannot?

Prevailing against any question that any human can devise, the American institution of lawyers and court judges has damaged and stagnated human society more than the worst of the most malicious tyrants. Bring forward any number of the most highly titled and credentialed American lawyers, court judges and law professors. I will ask them the questions to prove the foregoing beyond their ability or any person's ability to identify or create sustainable reasoning to the contrary.

If government expects the common person to obey the written law, under penalty of prison or seizure of assets, but its lawyers employed by countless law and regulation-writing agencies, especially the courts writing case laws and rules of the court, write so many thousands of contradicting laws in such complexified legalese language that the common person cannot understand the law as written, and must pay large sums of money to lawyers to be told what the law means, and to gain access to the protection of the law, absolute HATRED and CONTEMPT for lawyers are among the first reactions of the human mind, by design. Because law does not go away, the results are cumulative within individuals and society, especially the American society ruled by local, state and federal governments writing thousands more new, commonly undecipherable, lawyer-legalistically written laws ever year.

Too many lawyers and judges have too openly laughed and reveled in the money and power they derive from their lucrative scam sustained under intimidation of police who are selectively hired because they are too ignorant to question the criminal fraud perpetrated by lawyers and judges. It is not possible to hide the escalating corruption of power that lawyers and judges cannot recognize.

Not one American lawyer or judge can successfully claim a defense. If your mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother or friend has been a lawyer or judge for more than a month, and has therefore undeniably recognized other lawyers and judges willfully (and routinely) applying any of thousands of inferior laws above contradicting superior laws, to effect a damage and the most repugnant form of crime under the prevailing law (use of color of law and power of office), while criminally evading their known legal duty to therefore initiate due process of criminal law (formally file criminal charges) against said lawyers or judges, they are therefore the most repugnant form of criminal known to society. The evasion of a known legal duty is a crime. A government or court officer's recognition of evidence of a crime lawfully requires the initiation of due process of law. There are no lawful excuses to not do so.

The refusal or failure of each lawyer and judge to exercise their known legal duty to file criminal charges for fraud, perjury to oath of office, evasion of a known legal duty, malfeasance and other crimes, against each judge who routinely denies a requested jury trial, or denies the freedom of speech to express the defense evidence of one's choice in court, etceteras, defines every lawyer and judge in America as a criminal, with a criminal mind. There is no defense that can prevail against the questions of the prevailing law.

Law allows a person to physically defend against an attack or attempted theft by a street thug, as is logical and rational. Law prohibits physical defense against government office holders, such as police, prosecutors or judges, who attack and damage a person with color of law or power of office, but therefore defines such an attack and damage as the most repugnant form of crime because it is protected by law at the time of the attack. Because such use of law is categorically repugnant to the rule of law, law provides for the most severe penalties for that repugnant use of power of office. But American lawyers and judges wrote a series of their own inferior laws to exempt themselves from their crimes, and institutionally protect each other to protect their mutual, lucrative scam and ego-gratifying maliciousness, eliminating the common person's functional law-based recourse for the incessant crimes of judges and lawyers.

Lawyers/judges have therefore turned the rule of law into a proverbial one edged sword to attack common people for the fun and profit of lawyers and judges who are exempt from the proverbial sword. The damages are therefore compounding. That malicious, lucrative use of raw power in the name of law shall inescapably collapse the American form of jurisprudence and its government, with retaliation against lawyers and judges to an extent beyond what history has seen for any government leadership class, by design of the human mind.

Raw power is the enemy of its holder, the most effective enemy known to humans.

Court judges and lawyers may continue to laugh and revel in their money and power as common citizens daily leave courts not fully understanding the details of how they were legalistically defrauded of their rights, money, other assets and their freedom, by lawyers and judges, but the common people all recognize the actions as fraudulent and contradicting common sense and reasoning. The common people share that knowledge with others, daily extending the social hatred for lawyers and judges. The force or deception-based denial of human rights effects the greatest, most enduring hatred and contempt for the institutional source of that denial, by design of the human mind.

Even in the seemingly positive descriptions of lawyers, by greedy or dishonest people who won a court case because of their inherently dishonest lawyer, like the description of a cop who did not arrest a friend, the listener can recognize the fundamental dishonesty of the lawyer and cop. It is not possible to describe an honest lawyer because the process of inferior laws, the only realm of lawyers, describes the dishonesty of anyone functioning with inferior laws.

Wiser to be the victim of the criminal class of American lawyers/judges, than to be a lawyer or judge, or to use force against them. The victim can learn useful knowledge from manifested contradictions. Knowledge, not the riches and ego gratification of lawyer/judges, is what humans exist to accumulate, by design of their mind. The power-damaged minds of lawyers/judges cannot learn from their own contradictions, or their institution's contradictions could not have reached such universally recognized repugnance.

If you are identifiably associated with lawyers/judges in any way, wise to expeditiously learn their profound contradictions that they cannot recognize, by asking the questions they react against with the greatest evasion or anger. You can therefore recognize why you would promptly effect an identifiable separation from such repugnance, for reason in the design of inherent human reactions to those who associate with such repugnance. Wisely leave the lawyers to their own wallow, or otherwise be seen in the wallow.

The inescapable, cumulative reaction of the common people who were maliciously denied their rights by lawyers/judges, is of less effect. Between now and the time of that reaction, the rightfully fearful judges and prosecutors will continue to make more laws, with more severe punishments, against any threatening illusion of judges and prosecutors, including laws against criticizing judges, to therefore increase the public hatred of the judicial tyrants. What therefore becomes of greater effect is the results in the minds of the judges, and their families, after the shine of their privileged lifestyles tarnishes over the years. You would rather be the victim of an American court judge, than something so repugnant to the human mind's reasoning process as an American court judge, by design of the human mind.

If your father or mother, grandfather or grandmother is a court judge, even if they read these words, it is verifiably beyond their power-damaged mind's comprehension to recognize the magnitude of their repugnant betrayal of you and everyone else by denying the common people the protection of the common law. The reasoning-based common law created by wiser judicial predecessors precludes the need for the lucrative empire of lawyers, and precludes any power in the simple administrative job of a court judge. Lawyers and court judges so crave money and petty power that they have systemically denied even their own offspring the protection of the most brilliant form of social governance ever created by humans, the common law, a form of governance in which power does not exist in any government office. Power corrupts. Its absence precludes its corruption.

The corruption inherent to their actions, thus the alteration of their perceptions, has been so complete that lawyers and court judges cannot understand these words, even if you hand them a dictionary. The best hope of lawyers and judges is that their offspring remain as ignorant and malicious as their parents, for the natural lives of those parents. They must fear their offspring becoming commonly intelligent, and therefore learning what their parents did to society and their offspring for worthless money and malicious ego gratification.



The website......

First you train your mind. And then it controls you. Do whatever it takes, no matter how much work or what cost, to not let your mind end up like lawyers, court judges, government officials or anyone who believes them rather than ruthlessly questions them, for the frightening reason you will identify herein.

This website is for young people, to include those of college age, whose minds still remain curious about new knowledge. The knowledge herein will rapidly advance your ability to think, beyond that which even the most highly titled and credentialed adults hold or will achieve the rest of their lives.

The adults beyond school age are incapable of understanding these plain English words, even if you hand them a dictionary, as their actions prove herein. They would waste their time attempting to read this.

If a curious young person patiently reads this website, they should thereafter be able to verifiably prove to anyone, with acknowledged agreement by everyone, that their reasoning ability surpasses Supreme Court Justices, Harvard and Oxford professors, Nobel Prize winners, the officials who award the prizes, national leaders of every nation and time in history, scientists and other adults of the highest institutional titles. Those words hold their meaning.

The process to exponentially advance your knowledge involves identifying simple contradictions, and resolving them with effective questions. Those simple questions are so feared by the minds of adults that they dodge and flee the questions, not answering them, for a reason you will learn herein. You will therefore be amused with adults.

The adults thus permanently deny their mind's access to the basic tools of knowledge that the answers would have created in their mind. Because the type of questions create progressively advancing knowledge, creating new knowledge from the knowledge they would have learned, the adults deny their minds access to the resolutions of increasingly complex contradictions, at an embarrassingly low level of simplicity. Notice the obvious proof in society around you.

The more noticeable results are exampled by the Neanderthal mentality wars still used by highly titled adults, as a perceived but obviously failed mechanism to resolve contradictions, after those adults lavished themselves in self-flattery for their great wisdom and impressive titles. But the countless lesser examples, including common day-to-day personal problems, reveal the embarrassingly reptilian minds of adults who fell victim to believing rather than questioning the rhetorical illusions of their institutional credentials.

In comparison to all available knowledge, adults know so little more than children, that adults would be foolish to flatter themselves for their knowledge, and wise to state that they know very little. So adults compare only the sliver of knowledge they hold, with that of children, and even then greatly exaggerate the perception of adult knowledge. Their ego-based arrogance for a concept as far reaching as knowledge, leads to their routine mistakes (creation of contradictions), that they then defend rather than resolve, to defend their prior claim of knowledge, and primarily defend their titles.

For a more effective instructive purpose, this website will use real people identified by their names, with titles such as Washington State Supreme Court Justices, Yakima City Council members, and their ilk. Real actions of public record will be used. The events involve public duties of public officials subject to strong criticism as a duty of citizens to expose government corruption and incompetence.

As an aside, you will recognize why wise business people avoid Yakima Washington, and intelligent young people leave Yakima. The Yakima government has entrenched the unpredictable rule of personalities above the reliable rule of written law, and attacks those who try to benefit Yakima through the private enterprise system. The corruption in Yakima government is classic, and the government chaps are clueless of the escalating contradictions and damages they impose.

You will recognize that the involved adults cannot think even to a grade school level for resolving contradictions. They illuminate the identifiable damage that the mechanism of power, which is created by institutional titles, does to a human mind. If you do not escape such a common phenomenon at an early age, by training your mind to ask questions that adults fear and flee, your mind is certain to become as embarrassingly illogical and incapable of basic human reasoning process as those herein exampled.

One of your most valuable assets as a young person is your mind's fleeting mechanism of curiosity. Use it. Develop it. Retain it. Curiosity causes people to ask questions and thus learn new knowledge. It is the most valuable asset of any human mind. It is usually lost in one's early twenties. It is among the first concepts which the mechanism of power, no matter how slight, or from any source, erases from recognition or functionality in the mind that power infects.

The curious mind asks questions, AND QUESTIONS THE ANSWERS, and thus learns valuable knowledge.

The power-damaged mind makes statements, never questions them, and flees or attacks if your questions become effective, and thus remains ignorant.

Make your choice. First you train your mind, and then it controls you. Do not make the choice made by the adults illuminated herein, and their ilk.

What is the precisely accurate definition of the concept of power, as it functions in a human mind?

Is there any power which does not corrupt, that is, which does not alter the perceptions of the original design of the human mind?

The highly instructive case used for this website begins with an identified contradiction which was so minor that it could not even be logically called a problem. You would have promptly and easily resolved the contradiction without the slightest mental or physical effort. In contrast, the power-damaged minds of the involved government sorts reacted on cue to compound the contradiction without asking the first most obvious question, or any question thereafter despite the obviously compounding contradictions and damages.

The case is now a major problem, involving an increasing litany of crimes that will never be successfully denied, and costly damages. It is currently before a State Supreme Court. The government and court chaps are adamantly making laughable fools of themselves. They have convinced their minds that they are fighting the involved citizen. But the citizen has remained at the position of the original resolution to the contradiction, fighting no one, respectfully seeking to simply obey the laws as soon as the government reveals the laws he is required to obey.

The analogy of the tar baby is perfect, and the government chaps were informed in those words. The more they attack with anger, and defense of their silly titles, the more they bind themselves to that which cannot possibly release them without an accounting for each damaging attack. The citizen simply asked the government and court officers to reveal the laws they claim as authority for the contradicted demands they made. The government and courts keep claiming authority in unrevealed laws that clearly contradict each other. The citizen has graciously assisted the government to the remarkable degree you will notice. The government chaps created all of their many costly and damaging problems from a starting position of no problems and no logical reason to create any.

You will be amused, and learn what adult minds in government can never learn even if they read these words.

The government personnel who are involved with the actions of public record used for this website are:

Yakima City Council members:

John Puccinelli
Clarence C. Barnett
Larry Mattson
Mary Place
Bernard J. Sims
Paul George
A seventh member is completely uninvolved with this case due to the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Yakima City lawyer for this case, from the Law Office of Lyon, Weigand and Gustafson:

Russell Gilbert

Washington State Superior Court judges, in Yakima:

Heather Van Nuys
Robert Hackett

Washington State Appellate Court officers of Division III, in Spokane:

Stephen M. Brown, Chief Judge
Kenneth H. Kato, Acting Chief Judge
John A. Schutlheis, Presiding Chief Judge
Sweeney J. Dennis, Judge
Frank L. Kurtz, Judge
Frank V. Slak, Commissioner
Patricia I. Crandall, Clerk/Administrator

Washington State Supreme Court officers, in Olympia:

Gerry L. Alexander, Chief Justice
Bobbe Bridge, Justice
Tom Chambers, Justice
Mary Fairhurst, Justice
Faith Ireland, Justice
Charles W. Johnson, Justice
Barbara A. Madsen, Justice
Susan Owens, Justice
Richard B. Sanders, Justice
(a currently secret person), Commissioner
C. J. Merritt, Clerk
Ronald R. Carpenter, Deputy Clerk

Other government personnel will be listed at they involve themselves on public record, to the ongoing court case used for this website.

The above people have shown their minds to be so horribly self-damaged within the example of this case that you want to learn the reason from this case, and never end up like them.

As part of the knowledge herein, if you ask questions of what you read, you will learn the step by step mechanism that the institution of lawyers and judges utilized to willfully defraud the gullible, unquestioning American people out of their rights. The institution of lawyers and judges stole the people's law, for the exclusive ownership, control and subversion by that institution. You will therefore understand the real reason, basic to the human mind, why lawyers and judges are the most universally hated people in the world, much to the amusement of common-sense persons. But the trite example of lawyers cheating people out of their rights and protection under law, as usual, is only one example of countless, illuminating how the adults fooled themselves out of their rights by believing rather than questioning lawyers, judges and other power-damaged minds in government.

Did you foolishly believe what your government-supporting parents, school teachers and government sorts told you about government in this nation? If what they said were true, why have the governmental problems and tax expenses obviously increased? Why do so many adults increasingly complain? Why, if what they said were true? Were you not told that government exists to solve problems, protect freedom, insure justice? How many generations have adults believed those obvious lies? Is your mind going to end up that obviously ignorant? How many more thousands of years are needed to solve such simple social contradictions after each government dolt told you that if you support them, they will work to solve the social problems? Why do the problems only get worse after you supported the obviously lying government chaps? Why does each next crop of political drones say the same thing, get rewarded by adult fools, and therefore make the problems worse? Why, precisely, with a useful answer that prevails against every question? Did the adults foolishly believe their parents, school teachers and government sorts, instead of effectively question them? Therefore, what will you do to escape that of which they complain, before you are hopelessly mired in that trap?

The lawyers, judges and other adults in government were just like you until they trained their mind to flee questions rather than answer them. Rightfully fear your becoming as astonishingly ignorant and malicious as they became.

You will also learn why all the titled leaders of the citizen rights organizations, who fervently sound as sincere as politicians, lawyers and other institutional sorts, are failing, and are the primary reason that the common people have lost their rights. You will be amused. You will rightfully laugh at the gullible, unquestioning adults who send donations to citizen rights organizations, instead of asking questions about their glaring contradictions and thus failures.

Would you keep paying a baker for a loaf of bread, if he never produced anything more than the promise to bake a loaf of bread for you? Have you asked precisely why the more money that citizen rights organizations receive, the more rights you methodically lose? Do not end up as obviously ignorant as the adults who keep giving money to politicians, other government sorts, and citizen rights organization leaders, and therefore only lose their rights and money. The adults are easily lied-to because they ask no effective questions. They therefore consistently reward the government and organization liars who cause more problems to rake in more donations and taxes, and consistently attack the people who ask the effective questions that could actually solve those problems. Adults are that stupid, as their results openly prove.

Any contradiction such as a lie or wrong information left in place, rather than resolved, will ultimately collapse all that is built upon it. Who is so poorly educated that they never learned that fundamental precept of human existence, from their parents or schools? Who but a typical adult government idiot would knowingly leave an identified original contradiction in place, rendering the result inherently untenable, when the resolution cost nothing to effect?

While your goal is to learn how to resolve contradictions that adults will never learn how to resolve, much to your laughter at them and their common self-flattery, you will recognize why wiser people avoid Yakima Washington, and intelligent young people raised there, leave. If any government is more self-contradicted, hostile toward business and individual effort, and stagnating the citizens, than in Yakima Washington, and its society any more unquestioning and gullible, please email the example to the author of this website, but first question the difference between what the government is, and what it purports to be on its founding charter (constitution). That difference defines the intelligence of the involved adults, or its absence.

If there is any error or contradiction in these words, please assist the author's desire to correct it, but you might wisely first ask several questions of your conclusion, because the author did.

For your continued consideration...

The Contradiction

The Results

Judge Heather Van Nuys

Judge Robert Hackett

The Jury

Justice Gerry Alexander

Justice Mary Fairhurst

Justice Barbara Madsen

Justice Sandra O'Connor


The other court sorts, to be added later.